Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hawaii Fun!

I just want to post some pictures today of the kids that were taken recently. We've had a lot of fun lately, spending lots of time together as we gear up for this deployment.  I hope you enjoy!

The kids at the Honolulu Zoo!

MacKenna feeding the birds!

Kaden feeding the birds!

Carson feeding the birds!

Kaden doing his Hula Dance at May Day!

MacKenna getting ready to Hula at May Day!

My Sweet Bass Pro At The Fair!

Wow, I wouldn't ride in this boat!!!!!!!!!!

Their faces tell the story!!!!!!!!!
We loved this ride!!!!!
They squashed me haha!
Look at him trying to cheat and win LOL!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom

Well, today is my first blog.  There's really no excuse why I make this blog and don't post on it.  I could tell you it's because nothing interesting has happened in our lives or I could bore you to tears with my excuses of how busy I've been with teaching and school...but the reality is, we're spending all of our extra minutes together as a family.  Why?  Because we know in a few months, we'll be into our 4th long deployment, and then we won't have those moments :(

The kids are getting big.  They're doing great in school. They are ready for school to be out for summer, and quite frankly, so is Mom!  Kaden will be going to 4th grade next year, and his end of year test results put him on a 9th grade Reading level and an 8th grade Math level.  We couldn't be more proud of him!  MacKenna will be going to 2nd grade next year, and her end of year test results put her on 3rd grade level for both Reading and Math.  I'm so proud of our little and brains :)  Our little Carson turns 4 in September, yet he's such a little baby in so many ways.  He's a Mama's Boy all the way, and I love every bit of it!!!

Walter just graduated from college.  That's right!  He's a college graduate from Troy University in Alabama. When I look back over the past 11 years, I see how far he has grown.  I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life.  That man's world revolves around me and our children, and I couldn't possibly have asked for more!  I'm so very proud of him and his achievements, and I know this is just the beginning.  Rock on baby!

As for any other daily ramblings, I wanted to put my feelings into words.  However, as I sit here and try to do so, I realize there are no words to explain it.  What am I talking about?  Well, a few things.  First, I truly miss Germany.  I feel so strongly connected to Germany still, and I've been away for almost a year now.  The place has such amazing beauty, and we really miss the slow pace of life (combined with the travel, good friends, beautiful culture, and great beer!). 

Then, this upcoming deployment....of which I'm not at all ready for. I'm so excited for my friends back in Germany that are about to experience their homecoming.  As I read their blogs, I relive those moments from our previous deployments.  I'm so powerless as I read, because the emotions control me and the tears start to flow.  I've experienced the joy of homecomings, three times now.  I should be a pro at this, but truth never gets easier for me.  I learn how to deal, but "easy" is never a word I'd use to describe time away from my best friend, my soulmate.  I can't change the inevitable, so I'll just keep my head high, stay prideful, and live vicariously through their joy as I look forward to that day myself.  I'm sure any Army wife would agree, the vision of that reunion in your heart is what gets you through each day of a deployment.

So, to all my Germany friends, thank you for the sacrifices your family has made.  I wish you all the joy a homecoming can bring, and then some!  May God Bless you and your soldier...and I know He will!